Never Let A Good Mistake Go To Waste:

Why Everything You've Done Thus Far Is Good And Will Get You Customers And Money

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  • First, how the lifestyle of the common groundhog shows us everything you need to know about why you aren't "there" yet - come on in, the weather's fine!
  • Why falling in love with your mistakes breaks you out of the "best year ever" conundrum, once and for all
  • How an ancient Japanese art form brings out the beauty of your business in a way your audience will truly appreciate
  • What an entrepreneur learned about business success from smashing his printer into a thousand pieces and scattering them all over the room
  • The day a prominent success coach left a voicemail offering our CAT a free strategy session - and why we're not surprised by this coach's huge success in her marketplace as a result
  • Why no one you want to be with is "out of your league" - this quick shift throws open locked doors without you needing to find the key
  • SPECIAL BONUS: three little words - less than 5 characters each - and how they harness the power of everything that's happened to fuel your revenue and profit growth today

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