Let Adam Hommey Tell You About Himself In His Own Words

Greetings, and welcome to our home here on the Interwebs!

I trust that taking a few minutes to explore http://www.BusinessCreatorsInstitute.com will be helpful to you in some way, and that I provide you the information you need to make the best decisions that grow your business, increase your profits, improve your website conversions, and help you Emancipate the POWER of INFORMATION so you can start WINNING At The Game Of Business And Marketing™ now.

So, where am I coming from?

I have really been involved with online marketing since the mid-1990s, as a student at Penn State, back when “Frames or no frames?” was the question of the day and a “sophisticated” site had lots of animated GIFs and rich, textured backgrounds.

(Yes, I had one of those. No, it’s no longer online.  I might still have the files on a 3.5″ disk somewhere, and even if I did, I don’t have a 3.5″ drive to put it in anymore.  So forget it.)

While I was supposed to be finishing my Poli Sci term papers, I found myself exploring some of the earliest websites that sold competition autosound components.  (Yes, I had a “system” in my 1988 Camaro that was worth more than the car itself.)  Had I taken the time to figure out how to sell the subwoofers online myself, I’d be retired now.

Fast Forward To 2005

Originally, way back in ancient times (September 2005) I broke into the internet marketing game and started a web design business, seizing upon an opportunity I discovered while chatting with someone in the hall at the very first internet marketing seminar I ever attended.  Things progressed rapidly from there.

Before long I was going to more conferences, now dressed as a “website surgeon” promising cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as comprehensive “wellness plans” for websites.  (Hey, we all did crazy things when we were younger.) 

I thought I had it nailed.  Indeed, things were going really good.

For a while.


Alas, I Was Sadly Mistaken About...Just About Everything

Over time, I realized this was absotively, posilutely, the incorrect approach to helping entrepreneurs, executive marketing solution providers, and professional service providers WIN At The Game Of Business And Marketing™.

What do I mean by this?

As a direct result of working with over 100+ leading internet marketers who are, and have been, my clients, JV partners, and mentees, I learned the REAL issue goes far beyond “throwing up a squeeze page” or “starting a blog” (or more dreadfully, fussing for two weeks over the right shade of burnt orange to use in the menubar.)

I also learned, sadly, how many thousands of people-hours and actual dollars get poured down the drain via the pursuit of life, liberty, and Bright Shiny Objects, and realized the entire “way of building websites” has been fundamentally flawed.

Indeed, small wonder it takes three times as long as you planned to get your website up. much less monetize it, when you do things the “flawed” way!

Then, of course, social media crashed the party and turned everything on its head.

And thank God for that.

...But Now, We're Rolling!

The bottom line?

Successful, prosperity-minded Business Creators don’t really want “websites”. They don’t REALLY care about blogs. If given their druthers, 9 out of 10 would sooner have a fan keeping them cool on the beach, than a Facebook Fan Page.

What these entrepreneurs REALLY WANT is for more visitors to their webpages to take the actions the entrepreneurs need them to take (i.e. invest in their products and solutions)… and to have a FUN business to support this.

Entrepreneurs want to spend less time editing and maintaining their website, and more time educating their market and monetizing their business.

They want to deliver their brilliance to their audience.

They want running their business to be fun.

That’s what we do at The Business Creators’ Institute™.