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content-coachingThere are two major reasons why websites that were originally expected to go live within six weeks, will still be in “draft” or “pending” status four months later:

  • Lack of content
  • Lack of a plan

The client asks the designer, “When can we finally get this site up?  We’re already six months late!”

The designer, in turn says “As soon as you get me the content, which you said would be done six months ago!”

This is about the fifth time this same exchange has taken place. Everyone just wants to get the site done and live.

Just Having The Conversation Again Won’t Change Anything, Though

writers-blockEventually, the client will sit down in front of a blank Word document. Their schedule will be clear, they will finally knuckle down and get this content done and over to the designer.

But then they just tap the desk and stare at the screen.

“What do I write?  I don’t know how to do this. I don’t have time for this!”

They worry about hiring a copywriter – how much longer will that take, how much will it cost, where will they find the time to find a good one and fill out the lengthy questionnaire to begin the project?

The designer has already reminded them of the bullet point in the agreement that says “All content must be supplied by client.”

Now, here’s the light at the end of the tunnel:

85% Or More Of The Content You Need, Already Exists!

You just need a fresh set of eyes to bring everyone together and help you get it organized.

Good news: our “Draw The Map For You” Website Content Coaching breaks the impasse, gets you away from the blank Word document, and gives you what you need to generate your content so your website can go live.

First, We All Get On The Phone…

conference-callDuring a 90 minute call on the phone or Skype – we can make it a conference call with your designer and/or marketing person so everyone’s on the same page from the jump – we:

  • Identify and streamline your website visitor conversion funnel;
  • Lay out your site map – the exact lineup of pages that need to be created, what they need to say and do, and how they help you convert more website visitors into prospects;
  • Work through your home page (or the page that a first-time visitor reaches) including placing your design elements;
  • Sort through content you’ve ALREADY created (whether you realize it now, or not) to identify what part of your website content you already have at your fingertips; and
  • Lay down your step-by-step action plan for completing the rest of your website content quickly and efficiently so you get your website launched

Then, We Get You What You Need To Finish Your Content

content-coaching-mapWithin three (3) business days after our conference call, you receive an MP3 recording of our strategy session, as well as your Action Plan that you simply follow along to implement your strategy, with whatever blanks you still need to fill in, clearly identified.

The Action Plan will say things like, “On the call, we agreed to have this page.  For the content, go back to this blog post you wrote, edit it just a little, and paste it in.  Now, for your media section, you want to include these 8 podcast appearances.  Add these items for your media kit.  Etc.”

You fill in the blanks.

You give it to your designer.

They implement, you approve, your site goes live.

No more staring at a blank Word document.  No more delay. No more angry conversations and Emails From Hell. No more frustration.

Just One More Question To Answer: Are You Ready
To Take Massive Action For Your Business And Your Future?

The good news is you can get started with “Draw The Map For You” Website Content Coaching for a one-time investment of just $1,997 USD when you take action right now.

Your opportunity to receive the best-of-our-best, mastered through many years working with businesses to increase their website sales conversions, is right in front of you.

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