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Overcoming “The Fear Of Free”

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As internet marketers, there are a number of things we’re more or less expected to do with our websites, regardless of what industry we are in or what market we serve.

Among these are the “free stuff” we put out there in the form of special reports and informative articles on our blog posts and in our ezines.

Frequently, I encounter a variation of this objection, or rather fear: if the marketer “gives away” too much, their visitor will say “That’s great, thanks” and not feel the need to buy their products, join their membership program, or hire them as a coach or consultant.

In other words, “The Fear Of Free.”

Three important points to consider:

  • First and foremost, people do business with people they know, people they like, and people they trust. Your prospective customer needs to be confident that you are THE go-to guru who will solve their problem and change their life.  If you do not engage your audience by providing valuable, relevant, timely content, they will do business with your competitor who does.
  • A little bit of “free” goes a long way.  You may THINK you’re giving up the farm, but really you’re barely scratching the surface. I HIGHLY doubt your 300-word article titled “The Top Three Reasons That…” will replace the impact of your live coaching, consulting, and mentoring or negate the value of your $897 complete home study course.  So don’t worry.
  • Everything you do free, when done right, will leave them wanting more. Have you ever been to a concert and at the end of the show, chanted “One more song!  One more song!”  When you’re properly structuring your free content and making it part of your structured conversion conversation, here’s what they will be chanting: “Wow, if he gives that much away for FREE…I’d LOVE to see the paid version!”

Bottom line: overcome your “fear of free” and you’ll find more and more “fee” deposited in your bank account.

Here’s To Making More Money Online!


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  • Rick Falls

    December 11, 2016at5:35 pm - Reply

    Hey Adam,

    This is such s difficult point to get through to people, and yet they probably see real life examples of it all around them.

    Grocery stores hand out little tastes of new brands or specialty items and offer you a coupon to buy the box,after you admittedly enjoy the sample, HELLO !

    There seems to be so much fear of not making enough money, that the pure simplicity of giving something of value away is overlooked. It’s being overlooked at a time when people are desperate for the incredible solutions that we are likely offering them too.

    It’s looked at as though it will “cost something” instead of as you said, serve as “a taste of the proof” that will ultimately lead people to the higher level things that you provide.

    I love the quote “everything that you do free, when done right, will leave them wanting more”.

    You nailed it Adam.

    We should Joint Venture a LIVE Event and spell this out so more people will get it and take action on it so they can really win !

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