We Expand Your Brain Bandwidth To Grow Your Business

Together, We Make Sure You WIN At The Game Of Business And Marketing!

Scroll down and discover how our specialized solutions help you WIN At The Game Of Business And Marketing™ and make running your business fun.

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Our Coaching And Consulting Gets You PROVEN Results

Business creation, website conversions and internet marketing technology authority Adam Hommey helps entrepeneurs, business owners, and business creators around the world Emancipate The POWER Of INFORMATION.

Since 2003, he has achieved results like:

  • Leading a product launch that grossed over $65,000 and netted 89 new coaching clients on the first day;
  • Re-launching a 10-year-old product and exceeding projections by over 250% in just 5 days;
  • Designing a marketing survey process that led to not one, but FIVE, sold-out live events in a row;
  • Masterminding a process for evolving an information-marketing business from physical to instant-download that cuts time-to-launch by over 50% and boosts overall profits by over 15%; and
  • Developing and implementing video training and a “quick start” process that helps an entire network of human resource professionals connect with and convert prospects to customers in an easy, systematic way

Now, it’s time for YOU to experience those results. That’s where we come in.

Whatever it takes to ensure you WIN At The Game Of Business And Marketing™, we’ll stand by your side to ensure it gets done.

We Work Directly With Your Team, So YOU Cover More Ground

You have a virtual assistant, content developer, website designer, webmaster, customer service manager – the whole shebang. This may be 10 people; it may be one person. (Size doesn’t matter in this case.)

The problem: only so many hours in the day and only so much “brain bandwidth” to go around.

Perhaps your business will benefit greatly from a fresh perspective that uncovers hidden “leaks” and reveals new opportunities to WIN At The Game Of Business And Marketing™ that up until now, you just haven’t had time for.

We will get “hands-on” and work directly with your team members to

  • Show them the exact actions to take, and the procedures to implement, that help them contribute even more to your bottom line
  • Incorporate upgrades to your marketing and business strategies that will make working IN and ON your business more fun than it’s ever been
  • Provide them the mentoring, support, and “done-with-you” working they need – and thus expand your Brain Bandwidth so you can be in “two places at once”
  • Create institutional legacy by developing policies and procedures as well as standard ways of doing things that reduce time-to-implement and increase the saleability value of your business

The best part? We’ll record whatever you and your team need on video to create this institutional legacy. And we’ll be available to them to provide hands-on support so you can focus on your Brilliance and Passion.

Every business has different needs, so let’s start the conversation now.

We Fast-Track Your Product/Service Launches

Profitably going to market with a new product or service (or re-launching an existing one) is possible when you host a proper launch. We work with you and your team to manage and streamline the process to get the necessary elements done right, including:

  • Implementing our proprietary Wake Up Your List pre-launch survey process – aka “The Exploratory Committee Campaign”
  • Engaging your audience and building momentum for your launch
  • Creating your “launch list” and “launch blog”
  • Collaborative work to properly script and position your sideways sales videos to pull prospects right to the Buy button on Doors Open Day
  • Copywriting and sending your pre-launch, launch, and post-launch e-mails (in your voice)
  • Managing and moderating your launch teleseminar, webinar, or Google+ Hangout
  • Developing your promo page/sales letter
  • Overseeing the launch, all the way from the “shot across the bow” to “doors close”

Most of all, you get to continue to focus on your Brilliance and Passion while we manage the process to see it gets done.

We just need your input from time to time, and review/approval on content and timing. Between us and your existing team, we’ll do the rest.

You’ll Get An Optimized Sales Conversion Process

According to numerous industry studies, it can take, on average, nine months until today’s new subscriber, fan, or follower raises their hand for the first time to consider investing in you.

Let’s shorten that distance and convert your prospects to customers faster.

Working with The Business Creators’ Institute™ means you will have smart website conversion strategies in place that spark and nurture the website conversion conversation to build know, like, and trust faster, using

  • Opt-in and nurturing sequences that transform special-report downloaders to action-takers
  • Conversion optimization to get your phone ringing with prospects ready to be phone-closed
  • Active and passive upsell strategies that increase your LVC (Lifetime Value of Customer) and boost the ROI (Return On Investment) of your marketing efforts
  • Engagement and thought leadership campaigns that make you the one and only “go-to” when your pre-qualified, prepped, and pumped prospects come calling
  • Organic content multipurposing campaigns that get you 20+ uses from ONE piece of content
  • And much, much more

Waiting even one more day to take massive action means waiting even longer for your business to monetize.

Through our coaching, consulting, and “done-with-you” approach, you’ll finally get these things implemented and working for you, on autopilot, the BEST way.

Your Clients And Customers Will Love You Even More!

Did you know that Adam Hommey, who entered the online marketing arena after a successful career in training and development with an educational background in Political Science and Human Resource Management, has grown successful teams and spearheaded revenue-generating customer service programs?

Here are just a few highlights:

  • Integrating customer-friendly technological processes that deliver your value faster and free up your team to focus on relationship building
  • Instituting “Refund Rescue” programs that not only save money and customers that was about to leave, but actually INCREASE lifetime value of a customer
  • Utilizing against-the-grain, incredibly effective coaching to motivate teams and help them work more efficiently
  • Designing a customer-service team optimization program that gets your people increasing your customers’ ROI
  • Creating word-for-word scripts that bind your customers and clients to your company and brand for life
  • Re-engaging disconnected team members with your core mission and values, transforming time-servers into living, breathing profit centers for your business

Just imagine, having someone inside your business who has seen it all and carries a unique knack for monetizing the silver lining of every cloud and getting your existing customers excited about investing even MORE with you!

We just need your input from time to time, and review/approval on content and timing. Between us and your existing team, we’ll do the rest.

Most Of All, It Won’t Be “Lonely At The Top” Anymore

Whether you’re running a small-to-medium sized business with team members and employees, a solopreneur with your own hands on the levers, or anything in between, as business creators, we know it’s both a blessing and a curse:

  • With a million ideas flowing around, who helps you identify the best strategies and initiatives to grow your business?
  • Who can help you see beyond your “tunnel vision” so you don’t completely miss what’s obvious those looking from a different viewpoint?
  • Who can you speak openly and candidly with about what’s going on with your business? Let’s face it: even in the mastermind you belong to, you can’t always be completely open if your prospects and customers are also on the call!
  • Is there anyone who can ask you “challenge questions” that uncover the opportunities and revenue centers that, up until now, have been playing hide-and-seek with you?
  • Who can review your website and e-mail copy, and work with you live, together, to optimize it for rapid deployment?

The answer to all of these questions is: us!

Just imagine enjoying the kind of business that is easy, exciting, and fun to grow.

With us on your side and in your corner, through coaching, consulting, and “done-with-you” co-working, we get you there a lot faster – and ensure you stay there a lot longer!