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What Is Your REAL Mailing List?

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Many internet marketers have been taught to think of their “mailing list” as “those people who have opted in and who receive my newsletter.”

True, you must have an internet marketing and conversion conversation strategy that is constantly pulling your visitors to your website, from wherever they are now, so they join your opt-in mailing list and buy your products.

But in reality, you have SEVERAL “lists”.  Consider the following:

  • Your friends on your personal Facebook profile see your status updates, posts, comments, and event invites
  • The followers of your Facebook Fan page do, too
  • Same with your LinkedIn® contacts and discussion group members
  • And your Twitter followers
  • Plus the people who subscribe to the RSS feed on your blog
  • How about Pinterest, Instagram, and all those video and picture networks…oh me, oh my!

If you’re relying on your opted-in subscriber list alone to butter your bread, you’re missing out, big-time.

Here’s why.

First of all, one person may be on your mailing list and also be your Facebook friend, LinkedIn® connection, and Twitter follower, but they may pay attention to one of these daily, the others not so much.

Next, just because someone chooses not to opt-in for your special report or be your subscriber (because they get enough friggin’ ezines ALREADY, or they’re not wanting to be on your mailing list) doesn’t mean they don’t eagerly hang on your every Tweet or status update.

People’s moods and preferences change often.  E-mail today, Facebook tomorrow, LinkedIn later on, and maybe for a while they get really engrossed in Twitter.  Are you easily found in ALL these places?

Furthermore, letting your list and your social networks know what you’re doing widens your net.

OK, maybe they’re not your customer (maybe they’re your competitor, even) – but is what you’re doing now ringing their “Boy, they’d make a great JV for me!” or “I bet MY list would like this!” bell?

What are you doing to be found by your audience, wherever they are? What’s stopping you, slowing you down, or holding you back?

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