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Four Ways To Learn Your Audience’s Love Language

Website Conversion Conversation

When someone asks me to define “website conversion consulting,” there are two different ways I can explain it.

One of them lays it out:

“Studying visitor trends to create offers and visitor funnels to drive traffic toward the website’s purpose, then measuring the results through split testing, studying user behavior, monitoring changes in success rates, and tweaking as necessary to improve conversion rates.”

The other is far more to the point, and you might think, too much so…

“Getting more of your website visitors to do what you want them to do.”

Now, which of these do you think comes from the Tower of Babel, and which is more likely to spark the conversion conversation?

How You Learn THEIR Language To Get More Website Conversions

It’s not difficult, when you get “back to basics” with your presentation and message.

Here are four great starting points for you to master the language.  You’ll notice a theme here.

  1. Actually speak to your customers, one-on-one. Do you have phone numbers, in addition to names and e-mails, in your database?  CALL them.  Or hire a commissioned salesperson to do it for you.  Chances are, your competitors aren’t doing this.  You will quickly see the impact in more sales and more profits.
  2. It’s the “little things” that count big. From time to time, I’ll see an opportunity to show a fellow marketers some quick tips on improving their campaign or website.  I’ll shoot a quick 2-minute video and send it to them.  Aside from altruism, I do this because I enjoy the responses I get, and by seeing what works best, I learn what resonates with my target audience.
  3. Go “belly to belly” with your market, and LEARN their dialect. Mike Stewart, who you may know as “The Internet Audio Guy” or “The Internet Video Guy,” has built a huge business on local-search optimization for businesses within a few miles of his house by translating “local-search optimization” into the words they understand.  And what do they understand?  “A pretty website that gets lots of clicks” is what gets them on board.  Website conversion consulting CAN translate into that.
  4. Study your competition. This is almost a throw-in, and that’s my point.  It’s so obvious that many people still miss it.  How do your LEADING competitors communicate with their audience – the audience YOU want to serve?  Do that, just a little bit better.

Get this going, and in a short period of time your website visitors will hear every word you say, AND act on it.

Here’s To Ever-Increasing Website Conversions,


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