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The Fine Line Between Love, Hate, And Your Website

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Launching a new website, not to mention a new product, service, or venture, can be nerve-wracking.

Have you really tested your market?

Do you know if this thing will actually SELL?

You can do “beta testing” and “focus group” and “mastermind buddy group” testing of your website till the cows come home, but the only TRUE way to find out whether your website will sell is to ask your audience to buy from it.

Get it in front of your audience! The only way you’ll know if what you have will resonate with your audience is to give it a chance to resonate with them!

All of the testing and tweaking you do – before, during, and after your launch – is valuable, but only if it translates into actual sales from your customers.  Only by asking your customers to invest in your offerings, can you possibly know if what you have will work.  Get it out there!

I see, too many internet marketers who hold back out of fear that they will be criticized or ridiculed.

So, in this article we will cover…

Powerfully Managing Love And Hate

When you launch a new venture, you’re going to get feedback.  Lots of feedback:

  • Some people will love your offering and buy from you right away
  • Some will be repelled- or less drastically, your website and your marketing message just won’t not resonate with them
  • A few people will bash you just to make themselves look like “experts” in comparison
  • I’ll also add, people who are using to see who and what you “used to be” may need time and a little patience as they get used to the “new you”.

Every marketing message you put out there should simultaneously attract and repel. Pay attention to who you’re attracting and who you’re repelling.

You should be attracting your ideal customer, the customer that will get the best use and the most value out of what your offer – and repelling the customer who does not fit your vision of what your business, and your freedom-based entrepreneurial life, will look like.

As you first launch, take all the input you receive – positive, constructive, and other – under advisement and look for trends in the feedback you get.  Do not have a knee-jerk reaction every time somebody suggests that you should do something.

Give things a chance to develop.  Most of all,  follow your Analytics and your numbers, they tell the ultimate story.

If you get the same “constructive” feedback over and over again, from different segments of your market and audience, during your launch phase, THEN you may want to make some enhancements to your website as part of Round 2.

If it’s serious enough, you might decide that now is the time for Round 2 – but only if it makes sense to your overall business plan and your tracking and sales statistics demonstrate that change is needed!

Don’t be overly sensitive. Some people will love you, your website, and your offering; some will criticize you as well.  If you’re not getting ANY negative or “constructive” feedback at all, you’re not going far enough – you need to get bolder! You should actually look forward to getting at least some disapproving comments. They are as helpful as the positive ones.

In fact, expect someone to write back and tell you that your website is just horrible and they’d never buy from you, based on what they saw.  Some of the feedback may be just silly.  That’s fine, they’re not your customer, now you know.

Focus your energies on the people who waited for you to get online and are now excited about the life-changing power of your products and solutions.


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