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Does Your Website Speak For Itself?

Website Conversion Conversation

I constantly coach my clients to Emancipate the POWER of INFORMATION through common technology to maximize their website’s automatic role in their business’s keep-in-touch strategy.  We all know that the surest way to sales is through systematic and regular follow-up with customers and prospects.

You need to let your website speak for itself when it comes to keeping in touch with your audience.  There are several easy tools you can implement right now to give your website its own voice so it can speak for you while you continue to run your business and live the full, rich entrepreneurial lifestyle.

1) Offer a free gift just for stopping by.

On every page of your website, there needs to be a free download – a special report, audio or video – that visitors can get just by entering their name and e-mail address.

The free gift must contain a tangible, real-world benefit that your visitor can implement and benefit from right now.  Once they see how much your “free stuff” positively impacts their business and life, they are more likely to want to invest in you.

2) Invite them back for regular visits.

When a visitor downloads their gift, the next step is to systematically follow up with them.  When you use an e-commerce marketing solution like, you can load a series of follow-up e-mails in an autoresponder that your opted-in list automatically receives.  They can be scheduled to be sent at any interval – daily, every three days, every week, or at random intervals.

Learn more about this shopping cart solution at

3) Check in every couple of weeks or so (if not more).

Once you have your shopping cart account set up and have an opt-in mailing list collecting leads, the next step is to start publishing an ezine.  Be sure to send your ezine at regular intervals – at least twice a month.  When you send a regular ezine, your list gets used to hearing from you, and even if they don’t read every edition (they usually won’t), they’ll become more familiar with you over time.

4) Fire up your blog.

There are three things you must do with your blog to enable it to speak for itself.  The first is to “burn” the feed through Feedburner, a free syndication service owned by Google.  By doing this, you plug your blog into “the heart of Google.”  This makes it super-easy to not only gain subscribers for your blog, but communicate with them automatically.

The second is to add plugins that enable your visitors to easily share your posts on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn®, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.  Sharing your blog posts should be as easy as a couple mouse clicks.

Along these same lines, the third thing… using a combination of plugins and apps, set your blog up so that whenever you publish a new post, it automatically shows up on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn® profiles.  This takes about 15 minutes tops to do, and instantly quadruples your market exposure every time you add a new post.

Simply put: help your website speak for itself, and you will dramatically increase your website sales conversions.

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  • Dan Lew

    November 8, 2016at12:00 am - Reply

    Hi Adam, I agree with you, by offering users something free and getting them to subscribe amongst other things, they will surely get a lot of value and want to come back for more. Nice post!

    1. Adam Hommey

      December 8, 2016at6:33 am - Reply

      Thanks Dan!

      It can take nine months from first contact to the first time a visitor or follower raises their hand. So it’s like planting a tree. Two best times to do it: right now, and 20 years ago!

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