The Brain Bandwidth Dilemma

We All Have The Same 24 Hours Per Day, Every Day…

Sometimes it’s just not enough.

Many studies have shown that, on average, human beings use 10% or less of their brain mass.

As entrepreneurs and business creators, what does that 10% get spent on?

  • Are you racing uphill every workday (and pretty much every weekend, too) just to fulfill your current contracts and agreements and deliver more-or-less what you promised, more-or-less on time?

  • Do you barely have time to say “thanks” to e-mails from employees and team members, much less develop the relationships and inspire, coach, and mentor them to become living, breathing profit centers for your business?

  • Has your customer service been reduced to “hit the nail that’s sticking up” troubleshooting and firefighting?

  • How about your sales and marketing funnels – are they full of revenue and profit leaks – or so poorly streamlined that nothing at all is flowing (or even trickling) into your business?

  • Are you finding it difficult to get through to your marketplace, and the people you deal with daily, to make your message heard?

  • Does it feel like every time to try to accomplish anything, you have to leap through a hundred flaming hoops?

  • Are you finding yourself circling back to that same plateau, like that movie Groundhog Day, over and over?

How’s That All Working Out For You?

As a result of the above…

Have you pretty much stopped marketing because in addition to your brain bandwidth being exhausted, your business doesn’t have space to serve any more customers….

….even if they walked into your office, threw a tall stack of cash right on your desk, and said “YOU’RE HIRED”?

(Is that a form of “wage slavery” – after all, what happens if your current customers leave?)

Worse yet, do you fail to follow up on prospect leads (including phone conversations you’ve already had) because just the thought of your workload getting even heavier makes you feel tired?

Are you holding the fishing rod yourself because you literally don’t have the extra 15 minutes it would take to teach your team how to fish?

Does it feel like your employees and team members are not only on a different page, but reading from a different book, than then one you are writing?

Are you riding the “revenue rollercoaster” and checking your bank account daily just to make sure there’s money?

What about bright shiny objects? Are they blinding you?

Are you so confused by “but Guru B says…” then “but Guru C says…” that you choose inertia just because moving forward has become too damn confusing?

It’s Time For A New Paradigm

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