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Let’s Team Up And Optimize Your Business

Whether you’re running a small-to-medium sized business with team members and employees, a solopreneur with your own hands on the levers, or anything in between, as business creators, we know it’s both a blessing and a curse:

  • With a million ideas flowing around, who helps you identify the best strategies and initiatives to grow your business?

  • Who can help you see beyond your “tunnel vision” so you don’t completely miss what’s obvious to those looking from a different viewpoint?

  • Who can you speak openly and candidly with about what’s going on with your business? Let’s face it: even in the mastermind you belong to, you can’t always be completely open if your prospects and customers are also on the call!

  • Is there anyone who can ask you “challenge questions” that uncover the opportunities and revenue centers that, up until now, have been playing hide-and-seek with you?

  • Who can review your business and marketing strategies and programs – and work with you live, together, to optimize them for rapid deployment?
  • Who do you rely on to cover your “blind spots” with your employees and team members and help you create and nurture the kind of organization your employees will want to stay with forever, and your contractors will enjoy as their favorite VIP client they’ll naturally go above-and-beyond for without you asking?

We solve this brain bandwidth dilemma for you as your partner in helping you serve from your intersection of your brilliance and your passion, making a difference for your community, market, and audience.

Here are just a few examples of the work we have been doing in all areas of The S.P.R.I.N.G. Formula since 2003:

Science Of The Mindset

  • Coaching entrepreneurs and business leaders to overcome trust issues and empower their employees and team members

  • Creating strategies to maintain business continuity and revenues during the owner’s extended illness when immediate shifts were necessary

  • Designing a simple, three-part affirmation that refocuses team members and creates resilience to succeed when unforeseens come up

  • Coaching action habits that remove “blame” and “fault” and focus instead on the opportunities presented by every challenge

Prospect Attraction

  • Designing and optimizing product and service offerings that appeal to what prospects respond to in a way that generates increased sales

  • Leading a product launch that grossed over $65,000 and netted 89 new coaching clients within the first 24 hours

  • Resuscitating and re-launching a 10-year-old information product and exceeding projections by over 250% in just 5 days

  • Creating customized word-for-word scripts for referral partners that deliver more ready-to-buy prospects to the door

Ripple-Effect Reduction

  • Removing “hidden disincentives” and empower employees to deliver improved customer service while reducing complaints and refunds

  • Helping business creators reconnect team members with core mission and values, transforming them into living, breathing profit centers for the business

  • Designing and implementing techniques that increase participation and improve the value of company team meetings, while making meetings suck less

  • Creating innovative task flows that facilitate and improve collaboration among asynchronously-working, diverse virtual teams

Identify/Intake New Customers

  • Creating scripts and processes for communication with new purchasers that increase retention, and reduce refund requests, by up to 90%

  • Designing upsells, ascension ladders, and descension ladders that increase Lifetime Value of Customer (LVC) by up to 35%

  • Implementing membership programs and digital-delivery systems that bond the purchaser to the brand and increase repeat business

  • Crafting and implementing testimonial-request scripts to gain more 5-star testimonials and reviews that attract new prospects and customers

Name Your Terms/Language

  • Coaching and consulting with marketing teams to implement persuasion tactics in web, e-mail, and social media copy

  • Identifying and correcting language errors in marketing and communications to remove barriers to sales and relationships

  • Creating communication patterns that transform organizational communication to create a sense of ownership on the part of employees and team members

  • Applying Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques that remove conflicts and create agreements leading to increased sales and team loyalty

Greater Efficiency/Minimalism

  • Implementing project-management systems and designing process flows to streamline collaboration on deliverables

  • Designing a 360-degree communication process for team members to effectively provide upward feedback that helps entrepreneurs increase revenues and profits

  • Improving company rules and policies to reduce unnecessary roadblocks and encourage team members to deliver on time with greater quality

  • Creating institutional legacy through written and video documentation that facilitates cross-training and orientation of new employees and team members

Now, It’s Time For YOU To Experience These Kinds Of Results

Just imagine, having someone inside your business who has seen it all and carries a unique knack for monetizing the silver lining of every cloud and getting your existing customers excited about investing even MORE with you.

Picture having team members who are motivated, energized, and take pride of ownership where they feel THEIR success is YOUR success – and consistently take the actions that make it happen for you.

Just imagine enjoying the kind of business that is easy, exciting, and fun to grow.

With us on your side and in your corner, through coaching, consulting, and “done-with-you” co-working, we get you there a lot faster – and ensure you stay there a lot longer!

We Work Directly With Your Team, So YOU Cover More Ground

You have a virtual assistant, content developer, website designer, webmaster, customer service manager – the whole shebang.

This may be 10 people; it may be one person. (Size doesn’t matter in this case.)

The problem: only so many hours in the day and only so much “brain bandwidth” to go around.

Perhaps your business will benefit greatly from a fresh perspective that uncovers hidden “leaks” and reveals new opportunities that up until now, you just haven’t had time for.

We will get “hands-on” and work directly with your team members to

  • Show them the exact actions to take, and the procedures to implement, that help them contribute even more to your bottom line
  • Incorporate upgrades to your marketing and business strategies that will make working IN and ON your business more fun than it’s ever been
  • Provide them the mentoring, support, and “done-with-you” working they need – and thus expand your Brain Bandwidth so you can be in “two places at once”
  • Create institutional legacy by developing policies and procedures as well as standard ways of doing things that reduce time-to-implement and increase the saleability value of your business

The First Step Is For Us, To Have A Conversation.

Waiting even one more day to take massive action means waiting even longer for your business to monetize and you finally solving those pesky issues that keep holding back your business success and never seem to go away.

Through our coaching, consulting, and “done-with-you” approach, you’ll finally get these things implemented and working for you, on autopilot, the BEST way.

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