Soon, we’re going to talk about the need to a) invest in silver and b) celebrate the cracks that happen when things get broken.

We’ve all missed deadlines.

We’ve all dropped the ball.

We’ve all made complete idiots of ourselves by saying something stupid.

It’s part of the human condition.

In marketing and audience engagement, many business creators have had experiences with broken links in e-mails, teleseminars where the wrong dial-in pin was given out but not caught until the teleseminar was already live, and other such atrocities.

It’s tempting to demand a thorough investigation into “who dropped the ball”.

Some might find themselves needing, for their own reasons, to “process” the incident into oblivion – perhaps seeing if they can enforce quality control by inspiring people to do better just so they don’t have to listen to endless droning about their next mistake.

There may be a huge call for “corrective action” and “new procedures”.

Okay. Fair enough.

But a word of caution:

Too Much Review And Checking Will Slow You To A Grinding Halt.

Here’s a new point of view:

  • If you’ve never sent a broadcast e-mail with a broken link, you’re spending too much time reviewing and re-reviewing every damn thing, or (in my experience, AND) you don’t e-mail often enough.
  • If you’ve never offended anyone on social media, you don’t share often enough.
  • If you’ve never spent money on a home-study course that was only marginally helpful, you don’t invest in yourself often enough.
  • If you’ve never launched a home study course that was a complete dud sales-wise, not only are you doing nothing to ascertain your audience’s buying preferences, you’re not launching often enough.
  • If you’ve never had a great-looking and great-sounding client who passed all your screening tests still turn out to be a Client from Hell – a client so awful you literally smash your own office equipment out of exasperation (more on this in a bit) – you’re not getting new business often enough.

Time to start failing and get it over with, so you can succeed more.

If you don’t fail, you’ll miss out big-time.

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