I’m delighted to help whenever possible, in every case where I have firsthand experience with said book, product, course, or program and/or its creator(s) – and can give an ethical review based on how I have gained from it/them.

My response, in all these cases, is the same:

“Happy To Help. Could You Please Draft It For Me And I’ll Edit And Approve?”


Certainly, most (if not all) of the people you’d like testimonials from have praised you on social media, written you nice e-mails, and/or told you on the phone or a Skype chat how awesome you are and what great work you do.

So, they’ve already given you the testimonial.

Why would you ask them to create it again?

You’re going to expect them, on their own, to know what kind of testimonial is going to best serve your business growth needs?

Especially when they have a million things to do of their own, and you need it to fulfill some deadline for your website, book, or product launch!

Come on.

Stop making it so difficult.

Take what they’ve already given you, edit it into the format you need, and e-mail it to them with a request to “approve” or “edit and approve”.

(Here are some NLP-based testimonial tactics that help – this opens in a separate tab so you won’t get lost.)

Then keep their reply on file, as proof they endorsed it should there be questions later.

So many testimonials have originated with actual words our happy customers and business allies said on the phone, shared in an e-mail, or typed on Skype.

Even If They Haven’t Said Anything To You… You Know How Awesome You Are.

This means, you know what kind of testimonial (what it says, what it highlights, what it praises) will shine the best light on what you’re doing.

You know the types of clients and customers you want to attract, and what you want to do for these new clients and customers you’ll be attracting.

As I said above, you know this better than anyone you’d approach for a testimonial.

This Is Done All The Time For Launches Of Brand-New Things, By The Way.

Ever notice, especially in non-fiction business books, the list of testimonials on the back cover or in the very front of the book?

Want to know where they come from?

In almost all cases, here’s how it works:

  • The author asked them to participate in the book launch by contributing a testimonial
  • For those who said yes, the author sent a PDF of the book (or a two-chapter) sample, along with a separate document that contained a dozen or so pre-written sample testimonials
  • The participants were asked to circle the testimonial they wanted to give, or to pick one, edit it, and return the edited version

Now you know.

To sum it up:

To Get Effective Testimonials Quickly, Make It As Easy For The Person Giving The Testimonial As Making A Few Clicks.

In most cases, this is what it will look like from your testimonial provider’s point of view, so long as you do your homework in repeating things back accurately, capturing their voice, and spelling their name right:

  • Open their e-mail.
  • Read “their” brilliant words.
  • Click Reply.
  • Type “Approved. Let me know when it’s up.” (Maybe they’ll ask you to remove a phrase, or give you slightly different wording for one sentence.)
  • Click Send.

Now, you have the testimonial, AND the paper trail that proves they said those exact words.

Savvy, what?

Is that it? Is this the end?

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