So many business creators want to automate, automate, automate.

Get people out of the equation.

Use bots and AI to simulate conversations, as if that person who just gave you money can’t tell the difference (yeah right).

Most people, sadly, go too far in removing the need for human beings in their customer care process.

Want to really stand out?

Pick up the phone and dial.

Here’s What You Say When You Call That Person Who Just Entered Their Credit Card On The Form That Is Secure

The following is a story we tell in our groundbreaking book, Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy.

After Dave Fortunatti takes his convertible home, shows it to his wife (assuring her business is good and Dave Jr’s football camp is already paid for), and takes her out to a wonderful romantic dinner followed by a drive down the interstate with the top down, he goes back to his home office and makes his decision to expand his horizons.

Dave has been thinking about writing and publishing another book, but he doesn’t want it to take two years like the last one did.

Seeing an e-mail from Dan Janal, an internationally acclaimed author and speaker he has been following for years, he decides to buy Dan’s training course on how to write your book in a flash.

(Actually, it happens to be a course I helped Dan create – and used for myself to help create my own book!)

Dan’s course even comes with audios Dave can listen to (true story) while driving between his two businesses in his new car, saving his precious time so he can serve his customers for life from his intersection of his brilliance and his passion!

He places the order at 1:34 AM. Dave is a night owl.

Next morning Dave logs in to begin his day. His phone rings.

Here’s what that call could look like – and Dan is such an authentic guy who actually does stuff like this, I’m happy to transform this into a teaching story:

Dave: Dave Fortunatti speaking.

Dan: Dave? Hi! This is Dan Janal calling, author of “Write Your Book In A Flash”. How are you this morning?

Dave: Great Dan, how are you?

Dan: Great!  Hey, I just wanted to call you personally to thank you for investing in the book writing video series.  Did you get your username and password?

Dave: Yes, I did. Your website is great. Got right in!

Dan: Glad to hear it! How do you like the videos so far?

Dave: Well, I’ve only watched the one video so far. You know, I never thought of doing my positioning statement that way. Very interesting, just wanted to say.

Dan: Funny story, I discovered, working with several clients, that you can make an awesome positioning statement by answering just a few questions. It’s so easy!

Dave: Ha! I’m going to do that.

Dan: That’s great. Let me know how it goes. So, real quick, is there anything else I can do for you right now?

Dave: Right now, I’m good. Hey it might take me a week to get through all the videos. Then maybe we can chat some more?

Dan: I would love that. Do you have our phone number and e-mail if you need anything?

Dave: Yes I do!

Dan: Is it okay if a member of my team checks in with you in about a week once you’ve had a chance to watch the videos?

Dave: Sure!

Dan: Good stuff. Ok, I know you’re busy so I just wanted to call and thank you personally.

Dave: I appreciate that. You know, you’re the first person who ever called me and didn’t try to pitch me right after I bought something. Most people don’t even call at all.

Dan: I appreciate you.

Dave: I appreciate you too. Ok, thanks for calling!

Dan: Thanks much! Take care!

That was easy – and fun!

Okay. We’re On Our Way To Gaining A Customer For Life.

That’s an easy phone call because you don’t have to do any Jedi mind tricks.

You’re just calling to thank the person who invested in you and let them know you’re here to help.

Can you do that?

If you have 50 new purchases coming in every day, can you find a couple great team members to help make these calls for you?

Perhaps the purchaser takes the opportunity, since they have you or your team member on the phone, to ask about another product you have.

This purchaser decides they want the other thing also, and says to you or your team member, “yeah, go ahead and add that to my membership. Charge the card you have on file and let me know when I can access it.”

Would that be okay with you?

You bet!

By now, this person is happy to be doing business with you.

They’re on their way to becoming a customer for life.

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