Look at your policies and procedures.

Review what everybody on your team is supposed to be doing.

Ask yourself how well they are communicating each other.

Ask yourself if there might be barriers between them that they see (but you don’t) that discourage them from supporting each other.

Then look at each item on your list and ask this question:

“What Would Actually Happen If We Didn’t Do This At All?”

Would you lose out on a revenue opportunity?

Would you lose money you already have?

Would you fail to gain a new client?

Would you lose a client?

Would your client even notice you didn’t do it?

Would anyone even notice you didn’t do it?

Would anyone care?

Would YOU care?

Would you be mad, sad, or glad?

The Answers May Surprise You. That’s A Good Thing.

Be open and honest with your discovery process.

Your people might find themselves suddenly more able and willing to go the extra mile.

You could end up with a four-day workweek.

That fifth day could be a pure “make money” day for you.

Or a day to reap the rewards and enjoy.

Or both, if those are the same thing for you.

This happens a lot with startups that have not entered revenue.

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