A common complaint from entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses – especially during the revenue-free stage – is how rarely things go according to plan.

By that I mean, it feels like some (or all) of the following happen:

  • The technical issues can be daunting – and what seemed like the “best solution” this morning is “obsolete” by this afternoon
  • Most of those “to-do” items agreed to during the Monday morning planning session become irrelevant by Wednesday afternoon
  • Hard-and-fast financial projections carefully studied and researched, then massaged into slides and transposed into the strategic plan during company retreats, become the fictional pipe dream of a theoretical yesterday in the blink of an eye
  • It feels like no “plan” seems to last an entire week; every week’s meeting seems to yield something new

The common thread:

Everything Changes So Damn Fast, It Makes Your Head Spin… Yet Nothing’s Really Happening!

It’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis when there are no customers to serve.

Simple equation:

No customers = no urgent issues = no deadlines that can’t be safely ignored in reality = no commitment.

I’ve seen startups sputter out and die without charging a dime to anyone – how many times can you discuss the same damn thing at the same damn meeting, week after week?

I’ve witnessed nascent ventures talk themselves to death with endless chatter about the best way to get a hold of everyone and how quickly folks should respond.

(Actually I’ve seen this three times in two years.)

And I’ve seen some new businesses that had seemed destined to meet this same fate, abruptly experience a shift that changes everything.

That shift?

They Got A Prospect To Sign On The Line That Is Dotted (Or Enter Their Credit Card Number On The Form That Is Secure)

Voila – a real business!

Fastest path to the cash!

Try it.

Watch how fast your priorities shift.

Notice how your meetings cease to be gabfests – actually, notice how you start having less and less meetings – when there are customers on the line, deliverables to be deliverabled, and STUFF THAT’S BEEN PAID FOR that needs fulfilled!

(“Deliverabled” isn’t a word. But for the sake of covfefe, we’re using it anyway. That’s what you get to do when you write a blog! We have lots of articles about the power of words on this website.)

Also notice how your “to-do” lists shorten because the money comes first.

There just isn’t the same amount of time for “what-ifs” and pointless experiments anymore – thank goodness!

And, the biggest thing of all:

Your TOP MARKETING GURU Has Joined Your Team!

Who is this “TOP MARKETING GURU” of which I speak?

It’s not that guru or thought leader or coach or consultant or social media marketer or webmaster/maestro or publicity agent or copywriter or video expert.

No…. your top marketing guru is YOUR PAYING CUSTOMER.

Let me tell you… they are gonna get your business MOVING.

Now that you know… go hire them!

Once they’re on the team, you’ll have some work to do.

Your team will have deadlines.

These deadlines being missed will have a ripple effect that could adversely affect your customers and risk your relationships.

To get you ready, let’s show you how to get basic deadlines met.

Let’s Team Up And Optimize Your Business

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