Did you know that you can persuade someone to NOT buy your product, NOT join your program, or NOT invest in your solution… by telling them too much about it?

By giving too many specifics about the features of your program, you just might remind them

They Don’t Have Enough Bandwidth To Benefit From What You’re Offering

Example: your awesome home study course comes with 64 DVDs, 86 CDs, and 328 workbooks, action sheets, and templates. WOW!

Your training program is 8 live calls in 8 weeks, with 3 additional Q&A calls, plus all the recordings, plus a 1:1 call with you thrown in as a bonus. WHOA!

Well, your prospect may take one look and say “There’s no way I have time for that” and decline the opportunity.

Or your service might offer A, B, C, D, and E, but they don’t need B or D. Therefore, they might decline A, C, and E, throwing the baby with the bathwater, just because B and D make it more than they need or can digest.

Either way, they don’t invest.

What happened?

While focusing on the volume of the offer and all the features, bells, and whistles it contains to make it bigger, badder, and awesome-er than anything they’ve ever seen before, they may not receive the transmission of value, therefore

They Don’t See, For Themselves, The Benefit Of ALLOCATING The Bandwidth

Have you noticed that you’re never “too busy” for someone you’re really into?

And conversely, you don’t seem to have time for those you’re not so much into?

Vice-versa on Points A and B?

If the person you’re into lives 2 hours away, you’ll make the round trip 3 or 4 days per week, and/or revolve your schedule around the limited time they have available to come see you.

Heck, you’d get on an airplane.

So would they.

It’s Not So Much The Bells And Whistles As What Makes Their Cash Registers Ring (And Their Hearts Sing)

People have time to binge-watch an entire season of their favorite show on Netflix in one day, so they certainly have time to power through 64 DVDs, watch 12 videos in a members’ area, attend 8 group calls in 8 weeks, or create their reasons to benefit from B and D in order to get A, C, and E – if they respond to the need to do so, for their own reasons.

Review your offer and ask yourself, “Would I set aside my Netflix for this?”

Once you can make that case, it doesn’t matter much if you’re selling 25 hours of exclusive video for just $250, or one 45-minute DVD for $7,500, or one hour of coaching for $10,000.

They’ll invest – for THEIR reasons.

Put the coffee on and let’s have a sit-down.

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