Completing an online transaction and actually gaining a customer for your business are two different things.

It’s exhilarating to get that “ka-ching” on your shopping cart, powerfully close that prospect on the phone, or hit your launch goal (especially if it’s a squeaker you nail 5 minutes before you close the cart).

It’s quite another thing entirely to complete the sales conversion to the point where you gain the customer for life.

The next step is to draw them closer and make sure they appreciate the investment they just made in you, and that starts with

Five Things You Must Do After You Complete The Transaction

Transactions go into a tail spin and end up as refund requests, for more than any other reason, because your purchaser or client did not fully understand what they purchased, then asked for the money back the moment their revenue “cash” failed to follow their expense “flow”.

Oftentimes, your purchaser invests in a couple different companies or service providers at once, then realizes they overspent and pick the one they find least valuable and refund-request that one.

How can you stop this from happening?

1) Have an automated sequence at the ready.  Within the first few weeks of the purchase, the purchaser should receive several e-mail follow-ups from you to make sure they:

  • got their download link
  • setup their username and password
  • know when the first meeting or coaching call is; and/or
  • know where to find the answer to the burning question that opened their wallet in the first place

The key to these e-mails is: keep them short and focused.

You’ve completed the transaction, so you’re not going to “sell” the same way.

They have already decided to give you a try, so your new conversion goal is to make them feel their investment was wise.

2) That being said, send a PERSONAL e-mail.  There are many reasons your purchaser might not be receiving your follow-up sequence:

  • The e-mails are going into their Promotions tab on Gmail (because they are going through your marketing software)
  • They used a different email account to make the purchase – so the follow-ups are going to the “billing department”, not the purchaser directly!  (Personally, I use a dedicated email account just for completing transactions.)
  • Someone other than the person who completed the transaction is actually USING the product – their assistant did the purchase in their own name, or the person did the purchase but their assistant actually needs to see and act on the follow-ups

Sending a PERSONAL email not only breaks through this rabbit hole but also adds a nice personal touch that will be much appreciated.

The personal e-mail can come from your assistant or program manager, as long as it comes from a human.

3) Call your purchaser Over 90% of the time, folks make purchases or join programs but then never hear from a live human being on the phone.  You want to stand out?

Also, the personal connection makes it more challenging for your purchaser to make an impulse refund decision because they now know they have to face the person they spoke with on the phone if they choose to do so.

Again, your assistant can make this call, as long as a human (and not a robo-dialer) who knows what they’re doing makes the call.

In the next post, we will show you an actual phone call script, step by step.

4) Connect with your purchaser on social media.  If the purchaser is good enough to hand you money, they’re plenty good enough to be your Facebook friend (or follower if you have your 5,000) and your LinkedIn connection.

Again, this draws them closer to becoming your customer because now they’re part of your “inner circle.”

And, if they choose to refund, they will likely have on their mind they’re backing out on their online buddy and will be less likely to do so without good reason or at least speaking with you before actually doing it.

5) Invite them to your private discussion group on social media.  It’s all about community. Give your new purchaser the opportunity to meet, get to know, and learn from others who are already succeeding using your system. Let them see others in the group celebrating success – this will inspire them to stay, and to keep working until they see their own results.

Plus, it gives them a direct connection to you and your customer service team. All of you should be moderators, and all of you should be checking in DAILY and interacting with your purchasers.

Yes, that includes you.

Forget “outsourcing” or anything else that implies you’re too good, or too big, to speak with your purchasers. You are NEVER too good or too big to show appreciation toward those whose investments keep your business going!

Redefine “leverage” to mean, the leverage you’ll gain to increase your audience and revenue base by winning more and more customers for life!

This Stuff Is Simple And Easy (And A Lot Better Than Refunds)

The best part? It requires no additional special software!

In an upcoming post, we’ll get more into measuring purchaser satisfaction, so you have a sense of how well you’re doing converting that purchaser into a customer.

But first, let’s give that new purchaser a call.

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