I see a lot of courses, programs, and events that allow the customer to either make payments, or pay in full.

Pay in full?

Say that phrase out loud 5 times, progressively faster each time.

Pay in full…

Pay in full…

Payin full…



OUCH! That Hurts!

There are many ways to phrase the same thing:

  • Just $297 gets you full access today.
  • It’s either 3 payments of $117, or save 20% with a single upfront payment of $297 today.
  • Replace “painful” with “full pay”
  • Replace “painful” with “single pay”
  • Replace “painful” with “one easy payment”

Better yet:

  • Replace “painful” and the words around it with “your investment”.

There’s no need to hurt the ones who love you enough to give you their money.

Phonological Ambiguity Matters, Folks.

More examples await you in the following pages.

Sometimes it’s the little things.

There’s another layer of resistance to get through next.

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