Whatever a person holds to be “true” depends on their own experiences and perceptions that are unique to them, and them alone.

For this reason, you can actually cause your prospect to NOT want to invest by being too specific, if they feel they don’t have the bandwidth to consume your offer.

Will that home study course really 1000000x your results within 30 days?

Will THIS the program finally help you drop the pounds you’ve been struggling to shed?

Does looking at the testimonials on the website and seeing Angela’s video explaining how she made $45,000 implementing three simple strategies encourage you to follow in her footsteps?


Does Hearing Angela’s Story Remind You Of All The Reasons That HER Success Is Out Of YOUR Grasp?

There are many roadblocks that put your reader right up against the time/money conundrum and show them it’s actually a losing proposition, so they won’t bother.

When being too specific, you might actually contradict your own assertions.

To get around this, help your audience

Believe In The Results They Will Gain, For THEIR Own Reasons

The key is to structure your language in such an artfully vague way they

To illustrate the third point,

Have You Ever Read The Book, THEN Saw The Movie?

As you read the book, you created visions of what the characters looked like and sounded like, what the house looked like, the surroundings in each of the scenes, and more – based on the view from your mind’s eye.

But then, when you saw the movie, how close did it come to matching your mind’s-eye vision through which you immersed yourself in the book narrative?

Something to think about in your messaging and conversation.

What does your audience see?

How much “truth” is there?

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