In addition to being a passionate advocate, Robert Levonian, who we met in the previous post, prides himself on exceptional service to his customers.

Because his business model is based primarily on membership programs and one-to-many solutions, he has the bandwidth to interact with every customer personally.

He’s happy to pick up the phone when you call.

On his Contact page, he includes this blurb:

Around here, we don’t have phone trees or 25 layers of support reps. When you call us, Robert Levonian or his assistant Jana will personally answer the phone. If you leave a message during off-hours, one of us will call you back the next business day.

You will not get that from any other company in our industry.

Right now, you may look at that phrase and say, “Not so! Robert’s competitor, Natasha, answers the phone every time I call her!”

Chances are, you are the type of business creator who prides yourself on personally taking calls from customers or at least fostering a strong connection with your audience.

Is Robert blowing a lot of smoke?

Ask yourself this.

If someone calls Natasha’s company or your company, will Robert Levonian or his assistant Jana answer or call back?

Of course not.

That only happens when you call Robert’s company.

Therefore, the specific above statement is true – you can’t get Robert or Jana anywhere else.

That was powerfully specific – now let’s get powerfully vague.

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