The many awesome entrepreneurs who tune in every week to the Business Creators’ Radio Show have heard me say many times that literally anybody can get a hold of me.

True, I don’t answer my phone for unscheduled calls.

I don’t have an assistant who can access my schedule and pencil you in. I prefer to have them do amazing work running all the logistics of the Business Creators’ Radio Show so all I have to do is show up on time and have wonderful conversations with our incredible guests.

Only my paying coaching and consulting clients at the top levels will get a response if they see the green dot on my Skype and type “Got a sec?”

That said, anyone can reach me quite easily.

One way is to connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn and start the conversation there.

To get me on the phone, just go here and put yourself in – it even asks you what you want to discuss so I can show up prepared and make it a valuable experience for you.

That said, most of my clients originally told me they wouldn’t use a scheduler in their own business, saying their market “hates schedulers” and demand that a human being do the scheduling. They said people told them schedulers are “impersonal” and “cold”.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that none of these whiners ever gave my clients a dime, even when – I might say ESPECIALLY when – the client bent over backwards until they snapped their own spine to “placate” these whiners.

In some cases, their employees and team members got tired of being enlisted to snap THEIR spines in the effort.

In a hundred subtle ways that didn’t amount to doing anything technically “wrong”, they took it out on the whiners to teach them – and the client – a lesson.

Fancy that!


This all sounds a lot to me like Marsha telling Greg that Giuliana is out of his league, making decisions for both Greg and Giuliana without consulting either of them.

But okay.

Actually, Schedulers Are A Great Way To Bring You Closer To Your Audience

Using an online scheduler eliminates the gatekeeper.

Think about it.

When you have another human being in the mix, people’s access to you can be thwarted by your gatekeeper’s rate of responsiveness, moods, and even their own unannounced personal opinions about the people trying to get a hold of you.

In the best-case scenario, you’re exchanging a bunch of e-mails (or even playing phone tag!) to get a phone call booked.

Think about that – multiple phone calls to get ONE call scheduled!

Meanwhile, your schedule and the prospect’s schedule keep getting filled so the availability you both had 3 hours ago may no longer be there.

You might be called upon to get personally involved, when people who want to speak with you press the issue of communicating with you personally.

Or they complain if your assistant doesn’t respond in, like, 12 seconds – and again insist you personally work with them to select a time.

How does any of this keep you serving at your intersection of your brilliance and your passion?

Good news:

All Those Problems Go Away With An Online Scheduler

Here’s how it works:

You generate a link that breaks your day into 15, 30, or 60 minute blocks, whichever you prefer. For the days and times each week you don’t want appointments, you tell the scheduling software to keep those days closed.

You link the scheduler to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCal, or whatever you use to block and manage availability. If you have a speaking engagement or need to be out, you just block it on your calendar and the scheduler automatically removes those days and times from the available spots listed.

Then, you give out your link to people who need to schedule with you.

You ask them their name, contact information, how they prefer the call to happen, and what they want to discuss.

They find a time that works for both of you, select it, fill out the form, and press “Confirm”.

The software adds the appointment to your calendar – and theirs – and sends reminders to both of you at the frequency you choose.

One minute, and it’s done. You have your time to talk.

Online Schedulers Are The Epitome Of Minimalism In Business!

Now, your employees and team members can focus on the awesome stuff they do, at their intersection of their brilliance and their passion that moves your business forward.

You have fewer e-mails to answer. Who would like to have less e-mail?

Never again should you hear that question “When can you talk?”

I agree, it works well all the way around.

Due to the nature of this, as someone who is passionate about business creators spending less time editing and maintaining and more time educating and monetizing, it’s important to minimalize wherever you can.

Where else can simple technology maximize your business by applying minimalism?

Go back and ask yourself what you really need to be doing.

Or better yet, ask ME.

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