Here is a phrase you may have seen 100 times, but it hasn’t registered up until now:

“Due to the nature of this.”

That’s the whole point.

“Due to the nature of this” is an incredibly powerful stealth phrase that combines being artfully vague with the power of opening loops that allow the reader to do the value-assigning for you, based on THEIR truth, which increases the chances they’ll find THEIR reasons to invest in you.

Some examples:

  • Due to the nature of this, the offer ends tonight. (Ethical false scarcity)
  • Due to the nature of this, I might end up doing these things, is that okay with you? (No need to explain why)
  • Due to the nature of this, I trust you’ll understand my decision. (Allows them to insert the understanding that works for them)
  • Due to the nature of this, you would do great with this opportunity. (They choose their own greatness, by their own choice)

Due to the nature of… what, exactly?

Simple: whatever the reader feels naturally.

You may get this idea over to them, too.

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