As long as you’re not hurting your prospect, we’re good.

Now check this out.

This is short, and stealthy.

Check out this phrase:

By now, it makes sense that as someone who sees the value of taking care of your body, it’s important to make the best decision for your health. Investing in this revolutionary system helps you eat better, get more sleep, and avoid stress. You will have a lot more energy.

See the power?

Did you catch the embedded command?

By now.

Read the rest of the paragraph.

What are you asking them to do?

You guessed it… buy now – this is the embedded command.

Phonological ambiguity working for you again!

While writing this chapter, I copy-pasted the above phrase to three friends of mine who happened to be online at the time.

All of them immediately replied asking me for a link!

Sure, it’s a small item.

But it makes sense to do everything you can to stack the deck in your favor.

This is so stealthy, there’s another ambiguity in the above statement that may have flown right over your conscious head, while opening a door in your subconscious mind!

Here’s something else you should see.

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