Set aside “grand strategy” and the big, bad business plan.

Our purpose is to help you surface many of the “little things” burrowed deep beneath the surface and repurpose the soil that gets displaced by the groundhog so you can grow greener grass.

Many business development discussions boil down to one important question: “What should we really be doing?

Fortunately for you,

There Is No One “Correct” Answer

If there was, I wouldn’t give it away for free.

I’d charge a bloody fortune for it!

Hell, I’d retire off of it, because so many lives would change if one correct answer existed.

Obviously I’m not retired, or I wouldn’t be giving up my weekend to write this post, as passionate as I am to share all this with you.

Real talk.

But I CAN give you a screening tool that will rule out the distractions and the Bright Shiny Objects and keep you laser-focused.

It consists of just two questions.

You must ask these questions, over and over, all the time, to ensure you’re still on track.

“How will this help us convert more prospects into purchasers and transform them into customers for life?”


“Can this (website, technology, strategy, program, etc.) be easily updated over time?”

You must be able to answer both questions with not only yes, but “HELL YES!”… and be able to explain why.

If you can’t do this, the project gets sidelined and you move onto something else.

You must then continually re-ask these questions, on a regular, systematic basis.


Complacency In Business Thought Leads To Complacency In Profit Margins

If, on any of your re-checks, you find the answer has changed to something other than “HELL YES” you then must ask two additional questions:

  • Would a simple course correction get us back to “HELL YES” right away?
  • If not, do we cancel it, or table it until later?

That’s it.

What answers will you come up with when you apply these questions to what you’re doing right now?

Are you doing more than one thing at once?

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