Elsewhere on this site, we covered the ripple effect your customers could experience when your employees and team members are sapped and zapped from having to deal with a bunch of “minutiae crap”.

Your team’s frustration ripples into less than awesome customer service.

Again, because this is so important we apply it in two different contexts, I ask you to look at your policies, your operations, your team functions (or lack thereof), hold your breath for 10 seconds to clear your thoughts like I showed you earlier, and ask yourself this question:

“What Would Actually Happen If We Didn’t Do This At All?”

Would you lose out on a revenue opportunity?

Would you lose money you already have?

Would you fail to gain a new client?

Would you lose a client?

Would your client even notice you didn’t do it?

Would anyone even notice you didn’t do it?

Would anyone care?

Would YOU care?

Would you be mad, sad, or glad?

Again, The Answers May Surprise You.

Personally, I’m a minimalist.

I live beneath my means.

Most of my expenditures go toward experiences, not things.

As we move forward, I’m going to introduce you to some powerful principles of minimalism applied to business.

Read through them with an open mind.

Decide which of these will help you spend less time editing and maintaining, and more time educating and monetizing, so you have more bandwidth to thrive at the intersection of your brilliance and passion!

Just two more questions to help you sort it out.

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