Now that you see it, we now ask why it matters.

To spare you needing to flip back to the previous post, I’ll repeat the statement again:

By now, it makes sense that as someone who sees the value of taking care of your body, it’s important to make the best decision for your health. Investing in this revolutionary system helps you eat better, get more sleep, and avoid stress. You will have a lot more energy.

How is it important?

Why is it important?

Who says it’s important?

Does your reader find it to be important?

After all, Winston Churchill chain-smoked cigars, ate like a horse, and drank whisky all day long like iced tea for almost all of his active, productive, mostly healthy 90 years.

Would he find it important?  (We don’t know.)

Many studies hypothesize longevity to be genetic, so if both your parents lived to be 98 and you have a lot of 90+ year old uncles and aunts still getting around, these same studies suggest the deck is probably stacked in your favor and you can afford to go easy on your workouts and double up on dessert.

But, could it be important for somebody?

It’s more important that getting traffic to your website – that’s for sure.

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