It seems you can barely have a conversation with a business creator about marketing without someone saying they need more traffic to their website.

If I had a dollar for every training course, professional service, and push-button magic solution that promises more traffic to your website, I’d have enough dollars right now to fund our launch as a cable news network.

I don’t want the dollars.

Okay, well, sure, I want dollars – and taking on Fox, OAN, CNN, and MSNBC sounds like fun.

Why not?

When I get up on stages before entrepreneurial audiences around the country, saying the following phrase is enough to silence the entire room:

The Last Thing You Need Or Want In Your Business Is Traffic To Your Website!

Jaws drop to the floor.

Everyone in the audience who is a service provider or course creator helping people get “more traffic to their website” will scowl, frown, roll their eyes, boo, hiss, and dismiss me, like I just said the Earth is flat (more on this in a bit) and Monsanto leads the campaign to require GMO labeling.

Anyway, back to the room.

Now That I Have Your Rapt, Undivided Attention

Let’s dissect the phrase “traffic to your website”.

“Traffic” is the reason I work from a home office and a balcony, living the Laptop Lifestyle. When I think of traffic, I think of millions of people all clogging a highway designed to handle thousands, all headed toward someplace they’d probably rather not be.

It’s either too early or too late to be on the road anyway, and one comes to appreciate the irony Pittsburghers experience with their “Parkway”.

“Website” – what’s a website?  That can be a:

  • Home page
  • Landing page
  • Sales page
  • Webinar registration page
  • Event promotion page
  • Contact page
  • Blog/Vlog page
  • Blog post
  • Discussion board
  • Social media outlet
  • Services page
  • Product catalog
  • Podcast page
  • Any number of other things

Any of these things can be a website, and a website can contain all of these things.

So…. traffic to your website?

What the hell is THAT?

Let’s Do A Little Shift In Language

I prefer you invest in getting more visitors to your webpage.

“Visitors”, who fulfill what we at The Business Creators’ Institute™ call the “3 Ps of Website Conversions”, meaning:

  • Pre-qualified – the right message, to the right people, at the right time;
  • Prepped – that e-mail, social media share, video, podcast episode, blog post CTA, etc. all let the person know exactly what to expect when they click that link; and
  • Pumped – they are so excited to visit your webpage and take action, they can’t wait for the page to load (your page is optimized for speed, correct?) to do what you just asked them to do

“Webpage”, meaning they will immediately see exactly what was promised, with no need for further navigation search, and the mechanism for them to take action will appear instantly and be clear, simple, and easy to do.

We’ve Really Done Something Here, You Know?

Maybe you’re in a crowded market where everyone does substantially the same thing, and aside from your personality, nothing you really do is all that unique or different than your competitors.

How many ways can you drive traffic to a website?

What really makes any diet and exercise program all that different from the others?

Yoga is yoga is yoga. Different styles, but it’s yoga.

Chuck Norris’ system of martial arts, Chun Kuk Do, was originally heavily based on Tang Soo Do, with elements of other systems he found useful. Not really all that new under the sun when it started; just a combination of what already existed.

What makes it unique is the way Chuck Norris named it and applied his personality to it.

Over the years, he has evolved it with some of his own techniques and discoveries, making it stand out more from Tang Soo Do.

Today, thousands of martial artists study Chun Kuk Do.

Here’s the point:

Of Course, You Need And Want Traffic To Your Website! I Simply Renamed It And Added My Own Seasoning.

Back to you.

It can be challenging to stand out.

That said, you have absolute control over two things that WILL stand out:

  • Your unique personality, presence, and the stories you tell
  • The words you use to describe it

Can you rename and add your personal style to what everyone else is doing, and make yourself #1 in a new market segment, or a new market entirely?

“Renaming” Is Part Of The Process Of Building Know, Like, And Trust

That’s another thing.

Everyone who teaches marketing talks about know, like, and trust.

Me? I take one step back, using the phrases website conversion conversation and sales conversion conversation.

I define both as the process of

  • Helping your audience get to know you
  • So they find their reasons, based on THEIR truth, to like you
  • Enough to find themselves feeling enough trust to consider making the decision to investing in you

Different lead.

Slightly different language than many others use.

Same recipe, with my own spices added that make it especially delicious.

I firmly believe there is enough to go around for everyone.

I’m a big believer in Abundance.

I believe that every time you say no to an opportunity you can do so confidently, knowing you did a wonderful thing by creating someone else’s HELL YES.

So I’m not greedy, but…

Let’s Team Up And Optimize Your Business

As an entrepreneur running a small-to-medium sized business with team members and employees, a solopreneur with your own hands on the levers, or anything in between…

…we’re here to help you thrive from your intersection of your brilliance and your passion, and make a difference for your community, market, and audience as a Business Creator.

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