Years and years and years ago, I collected a paycheck from a company.

Midway through my sojourn there, I was transferring from one department to another.

My current supervisor tried to warn me about some clouds coming up on my horizon.

First, there was still ongoing debate about the future of the new position I was moving into – whether it would be an exempt or non-exempt position going forward, whether it would be shifted on the org chart to another department entirely, whether it would be phased out and folded into another position down the road, etc. etc. etc. and blah blah blah.

Second, it was hinted to me (and I later confirmed on my own), some higher-up had wanted to install a relative in that position, which didn’t happen because another higher-up with more juice wanted me in that new job instead. The warning was, I had been the subject of a turf battle that someone had won and someone else had lost.

Third, someone in the new department didn’t like me very much because they had previously insulted me and I had let them know very bluntly, with the use of a world-famous hand gesture, exactly what I thought about it.

(Hey, that was a long time ago. Today, I’m showing you my Kintsugi!)

I was told, “You carry baggage.”

Well, how about that?

Thinking back on that moment, knowing what I do now, here’s how I would have responded:

“Have You Ever Been To An Airport?”

Look around, next time you’re flying.

Maybe this book is your “travel reading” and you’re in an airport right now. Great!

What do you see?

Chances are, all around you, there are thousands and thousands of people, boarding and un-boarding flights all over the place.

All carrying baggage.

All going places.

When you travel – interacting with others, trying new things, wading into rapids, going after opportunities – not all of it turns out just right.

Flying close to the sun means you sometimes get burned.

Sometimes those burns leave permanent, visible scars.

We’ll say it again:

People Who Are Going Places Carry Baggage

Embrace it.

Own it.

Love it.

Those burns and scars made you the awesome person you are now for having survived it and applied the lessons learned.

You’re better for it.

Don’t let anyone tell you not to take flight!

If you’re driving, make sure you are looking through the correct lens.

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