You’re driving down the road, headed from Point A to Point B.

You’ve got some great music playing and, possibly, great ideas forming.  (In fact, I thought of this concept while driving through a rainfall.)

Next thing you know, there’s a spot on your windshield. Could be a bug, could have fallen from the sky, could have splashed up. Doesn’t matter.

Anyway, it’s not a big spot, but it’s sure distracting.

What do you do?

Well, uhhh, I suppose you

Turn On The Windshield Wipers, Spray On A Little Window Cleaner, And Clear The Spot Away

Similar thing, if you find yourself driving and a bright sunny day turns into an overcast drizzle, or a torrential downpour.

Similar thing, if you hit a big muddy puddle, or some 18-wheeler splashes your car as it zooms by.

You know what to do when stuff gets on your windshield while driving.

Do The Same Thing For Your View As You Drive Toward Success

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. (Well, actually it’s 86,164.1 seconds if you want to get all scientific. Look it up.)


Some troll, some naysayer, some hater, some annoying person messed up 10 of those seconds?

Or you got sidetracked for 10 minutes – just 600 seconds – over some screwup or mess you had to clean up?



That’s just a tiny spot on your windshield – spray it away.

Pay no heed to critics and naysayers.

Ignore those who ain’t got nothin’ but a bunch of blah blah blah – give the love to those who love you.

Set aside doubt and anxiety. All it does is sing the wrong song when that same time must be spent composing your masterpiece.

Avoid getting distracted by opportunities that don’t facilitate and accelerate your trajectory.

Stop trying to save the whole damn world in every little way.

Support others in doing what works best for them, rather than questioning or trying to “understand”.

Invest in silver and evolve when given the opportunity to do so.

Say HELL NO to things that just don’t fit.

Take notes from those who actually do things, not the fearsome “Warriors of Keyboardia” who whine and bitch from their laptops.

Do the things others don’t want to, so you CAN do what they don’t GET to.

Sport your baggage with pride.

Draw a solid line under what’s happened up until now, and strike a new balance for your future. (We will cover this next.)

Here’s the great news:

This Site Is So Full Of Windshield Wash, You’ll Be Good To Go For A Long Road Trip

I trust you’ll find what you need to succeed.

If, after this, you’re still looking in the rearview mirror, alter the landscape.

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