Yes, as we saw in the previous post, I can get all Office Space up in here from time to time.

On this particular day, my printer paid the price.

That’s okay though, because

The Business Success Lessons I Discovered That Day Immediately Turned Everything Around

Looking down at the smashed remains of the printer, feeling all the angst and frustration built up over three Clients From Hell teeming through the air with the electric energy of fresh release, drew me to two realizations:

  • Yeah, this really sucks, that I let things get so out of hand with client demands I had to take it out on the printer.
  • As a business creator, I had the power, in that moment, to IMMEDIATELY take steps to fix things.

After an emergency consultation with my business coach, I took action to fix the three client accounts.

One, I fired outright – no discussion, no explanation, no debate. A few days later, they came back saying they understood I didn’t want to work with them anymore, but could we please find a way to get together long enough to finish the project. I agreed, and we got it done without further incident.

One, I scheduled a call for the next day, which turned into a “come to Jesus moment” but it got the project recalibrated, new and better boundaries set, and the whole relationship “reset” so we could bring things to a successful conclusion a few weeks later. That client went on to make a lot of money with what we built for them. It’s been years, and they haven’t been a client since we closed the web design firm, but every time I check in with them, they’re KILLING it.

One, I tried the same thing with. They wouldn’t have it. So they kept trying to drag me down. Note I said “try”.  I just stopped letting it affect me. Within two weeks they went and kicked rocks. Last I checked they aren’t in business anymore.

Since then, I’ve gotten pretty good at seeing Clients From Hell approaching from a mile away.

And, when one occasionally flies over the cuckoo’s nest and slips through the screening process, I know how to handle it.

With the typical number of blips, it’s been pretty much bliss since then.

All this happened because of the pattern interrupt caused by smashing a printer out of momentary exasperation with a temporary situation.

Let’s Underscore The Real Blessing Here: That Printer Done Good

Many people are in places where they can’t fight back, or set things straight, when Customers From Hades and Clients From Hell push them around.

Instead, they not only have to sit there and take it, but they have to THANK their tormentor and kiss their ass and tell them how much they love them – or be fired, or lose everything, or whatever.

Powerful business creators who serve from their intersection of their brilliance and their passion know there’s a better way.

So let’s check in.

If you do, right now, have to tolerate the intolerable, what can you do today to take a step toward changing it for good, for your good?

If you know it will take three months, do you see your choice between taking that first step today vs. waiting until tomorrow and having it take three months and one day?

Now, you might be thinking, why would I “confess this”?

Here’s another confession from the “I’m Not Perfect” swipe file.

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