Say whaaaaaaaaaat?

Is it true that nice guys finish last?


Really, I urge you to be an honest, faithful, winner of a pleasant and good person.

But the jerk is about to school us on how to succeed as a Business Creator by putting his jerkery to work for the good.

The Lying, Cheating, Loser Jerk Has Perceptiveness We Can All Learn From

Oftentimes without even realizing it, people make their “Perfect Person Checklist” based on what they think society expects. Such as:

  • Is at least 6’2 and has a chiseled body; is perfectly height/weight proportionate
  • Looks nice, dresses well
  • Makes sure you wake up to both a Good Night text (sent after you go to bed) and a Good Morning text (before you wake up) just so you know they’re thinking about you
  • Has a great job
  • Sensitive and caring to a fault
  • Apologizes for being so profane as to exclaim “Golly gee willickers” (if you’ve spent more than a few minutes on this site, chances are you know that’s not me!)
  • Always does what you want
  • Never says mean things
  • Dreams of a 3-bedroom house with a white picket fence, 2.2 kids, and a minivan
  • Hangs out at jewelry stores just browsing at the expensive rings
  • Saves 60% of their hard-earned money toward buying said ring for that certain someone someday
  • Promptly remembers all birthdays and milestones without needing reminding

Because, you know, things like “I get so turned on when we fight” and “Chasing them around is exciting and my heart skips when they finally call back” and “They’re an idiot, but wow, are they built” just don’t look right on paper.

The thrill of the chase!

The savored hard-won victory after so much blood, toil, tears, and sweat – oh my!

There’s A Key Marketing Principle Here That We All Need To Understand

People “say” they want things because, in part, it’s expected.

Remember the beauty pageant scene in Miss Congeniality?

All of the contestants are asked what they feel is the one most important thing our society needs. They all say “world peace” to the applause of the crowd.

Then, the Sandra Bullock character says, “That would be harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan.”

The crowd goes silent in disbelief.

She pauses, smiles, and adds, “And world peace!”

The crowd goes wild!

In the moment, she recognized the audience had their “expectation” for her answer. She chose to ask for their votes, appealing to THEIR truth, rather than pressing HER truth on them.

Why do we care?

Well, entrepreneurs are stunned in amazement when they offer a new product or program with sales copy ripped right from social media comments, then amazingly, the launch is DOA.

Fancy that.

That’s because none of it addresses the most important thing of all:

What Your Audience Actually RESPONDS TO In The Way That Makes Them Buy

It’s not for nothing that:

  • Posts about cats and food are more engaging than links to download Hot New Special Reports
  • Pickup artists make bank promising you’ll get laid, not babbling about Prince or Princess Charming
  • Politicians win elections by promising bigger, better, and bolder and staying flexible – not with detailed 10-point plans (were you paying attention in 2016?)
  • Pictures of sports cars and oceanfront condos attract more attention than DVD counts in boxes
  • Poses with celebrities are more coveted than specific testimonials with actual dollar amounts

Getting the picture?

Catching my drift?

Picking up what I’m putting down?


When drawing up your customer avatar, it’s at least as important to know what turns your audience on – really, really gets them hot and bothered – as it is to know where they live or what magazines they read.

To ignore this is to TRULY be a lying, cheating, losing jerk – and not in a good way.

Your bank balance will reflect it, either way.

Do you want to hear the right words, or do you want to hear your phone go off with another alert that you just made a $3,750 sale?

What’s the truth?

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