Once a week, every week, you should have regularly scheduled meetings with your top clients – the retainers, the whales, the big projects.

The project teams should meet.

Management should meet.

Same day, same time, every week.

Show up on time.

If it’s a virtual meeting, be on a strong internet connection with access to everything you need.

Talk strategy.

Hash out grand visions.

Do detailed status updates.

Draw blueprints.

Conduct autopsies.

Get Those Pesky Little Things Done DURING The Meeting

Such as:

  • The e-mail that needs to be sent to a third party
  • Sending over that information the client asks for (and vice versa)
  • Fixing the link
  • Correcting the typo
  • Changing the price
  • Making the post on social media
  • Making an important decision
  • Agreeing on a deadline
  • Stay in the meeting, or on the line, while you do it.
  • Stay in the meeting, or on the line, while the other person does it.
  • And vice-versa to the vice-versa.

(See how those pre-submitted reports can increase the value of meeting time?)

Otherwise, This Stuff Never Gets Done. Life Gets In The Way. We’re All Busy.

Deadlines, requests, deliverables, etc. are always pending.

Ten other things are always waiting.

The world is always turning.

All those “little things” will be quickly forgotten until someone remembers they’re needed.

The 2 minutes to handle that “little thing” will evaporate, and you’ll end up asking for it 10 more times.

NOW Is The Time. Do It During The Meeting!

What’s better – to get it off the windshield, or keep driving through a muddy view?

To chase someone down (or be chased down) later?

Clear the plate while the food is still hot.

Now, do you want to get your people REALLY excited about rendering exceptional service to customers?

Let’s talk money – saving money – by spending more.

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