Full credit for this concept goes to my friend Skip Weisman, acclaimed public speaker and founder of Your Championship Company, who was our guest on a fantastic episode of the Business Creators’ Radio Show.

In many of his webinars and presentations, Skip recommends that if you have an employee or team member who’s looking to leave or work elsewhere, rather than call them on the carpet or even fire them for disloyalty, you offer to help them find a new job.



The formula is simple.

Tell them you understand they are looking for greener pastures, and that you support their need to do what they see best for their own career advancement.

Offer to support them in their efforts in any way you reasonably can.

In exchange, ask them for one thing.

While they’re on the clock with you, while they’re still working for you, they give you 100% and do their very best work. (Don’t ask them to “commit” to this – ask them to DO IT.)

Two things are likely to happen:

  1. First, your team member will be inspired, despite their grievances, to render exceptional service to your customers, eliminating the ripple effect that comes from dissatisfaction, a sense of burnout, or that malady known as “short-timer’s disease.”
  2. As your team member or employee ponders their options, including your unprecedented level of understanding and your genuine concern for their success and well-being, they may well say to themselves, “Self, you know, this company really isn’t so bad. Wow! Maybe I’m standing on the greener grass right now. I think I’ll stick around for awhile and try to work this out.”

As I myself say so subtly and elliptically: turnover is a bitch on your bank account.

Showing a little understanding and support costs you $0.00.

What’s more, it gives you a chance to avoid turnover costs and potentially benefit from a newly re-energized employee and team member giving their all, actively contributing, sticking around, and rendering exceptional service to customers.

TWO ripple effects avoided!

Oh, and by the way, what are you saying about your prospects?

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