A simple way to tell whether you have “completed a transaction” or “earned a customer” is to look at what they’re saying about it.

Going back to Dream Business Coach Jim Palmer’s explanation:

  • A customer like Dave Fortunatti is so excited about his new car, he’ll tell all his friends, post 100 pictures of it on social media, and all of a sudden get real excited about taking a bunch of spontaneous road trips.
  • On the other hand, someone who’s completed a transaction is just happy to be rid of that last clunker they drove and hoping not to see the inside of a mechanic’s shop for a while.  They view their new car as “just transportation” and nothing to write home about.

Which means, they won’t write home about it.

Or anywhere else, for that matter.

The Best Source Of Prospects And Leads? Your Current Satisfied Customers

This means, we need to get your current customers gushing about how awesome you are.

Here are five ways you can accomplish this while spending little or no money:

1) Promote your customers’ services to your own community. Not only do you have a firsthand sense of the quality, but you get to say “my coaching client, so-and-so”… or “this is who I work with” – adds cachet both to your customer, and to you.  Everyone wins.

Going along with this…

2) Let them leverage your community. Now, I don’t necessarily mean send their product launch blasts to your list, though you should if it’s a product your audience can benefit from and you can proudly vouch for. But DO make sure to host them on your radio show or podcast and make a BIG hoopla about their appearance. Let them speak on your stage at your event. They’ll return the favor, promoting you to their community as “the person who changed my life”.

3) Don’t be stingy. I’ll never forget the time someone I had invested in, invited me to attend their live event, but stressed that I couldn’t have the bonuses because “we don’t give those to comps.”

REALLY?  I paid money for your products, but now all of a sudden I’m a “comp”??? And how much do event bonuses actually cost to deliver anyway?

To the contrary, extreme generosity to your premium clients will give them the enthusiasm, and the confidence, to proudly brag about you to others. You’ll more than recoup the “comp” with new paying clients, not to mention continuing financial investment from the person you “comped” into your live event.

4) It’s NOTHING about the Benjamins, baby. I’ll spare you the “set up an affiliate program” talk about how to calculate referral fees and commissions. Affiliate programs are good for information products and training courses, and my advice on that is “digitize it all and pay 50%.”

As far as services, coaching, masterminds, and the like: More and more, I’m seeing a trend AWAY from referral fees for this. For some, it’s seen as little more than bribery – and you’ll get the “pasta to the wall” barrage of referrals from folks hoping to earn off you.

In fact, my own top referral partners and I don’t exchange money!

We just agree to support each other in the marketplace and send each other great referrals, and then we all make lots of money helping business creators like you serve from the intersection of your brilliance and passion!

5) Be a pal. Take a minute and friend them on social media. Make a point of frequently “liking” and commenting on their posts.

This is simple. You’re literally just being friendly.

Are you a friendly person?

If you, like me, are an introvert, you can do this without having to see people and lose no energy from social interactions by doing so.

Also, remember to get your enthusiastic customers for life inside a discussion group with your prospects where they can share their results and do your marketing for you!

How Many Of These Can You Start Doing Today?

True, some of these strategies depend on you hosting live events or having a podcast/radio show.

For the former, you could start with a small event.  Or, become an exhibitor somewhere, get the 10 free guest passes, and give them to premium clients.

For the latter, check out the Business Creators’ Radio Show for hundreds of insights on how to WIN at the Game of Business and Marketing™, with another fantastic episode airing every week.

Speaking of testimonials, I get asked to provide testimonials all the time.

If you’re thinking of asking people to write or record testimonials, try this instead.

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