Funny thing.

We all have that one friend – the one who constantly complains about their significant other, or the person they’re dating.

We’ve heard about how that person they’re with is a lying, cheating, loser jerk.

That person is so mean, so cold, so bereft of empathy and understanding, your friend just can’t take it anymore.

But They Keep Seeing That Person. And We Keep Hearing About It.

That friend, sure as the sun sheds light, has their “ideal mate” or “perfect person” checklist. You have the checklist memorized because they keep reciting it over and over, explaining point by point why their lying, cheating, loser jerk meets none of the criteria.

Funny thing, though.

They’ve met their perfect person.

They usually know their perfect person personally.

For all this time, they’ve kept their perfect person in the “friend zone” and teased them just enough to keep them orbiting so there’s someone to text with while they’re waiting for the lying, cheating, loser jerk to finally call back.

So you suggest, “What about Jason? You told me about him. He sounds perfect for you!”

They Look At You Like You Have Three Heads For Spouting Such Craziness

“Yeah, about Jason… he’s nice, but he’s not what I’m looking for.”

Cue subsequent rant about the lying, cheating, loser jerk.

What the hell is going on here?

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