Many clients of The Business Creators’ Institute™ use popular plugins and systems for membership sites like Wishlist Member, OptimizeMember, aMember, and Kajabi.

All of these systems are great, for different reasons, depending on each client’s truth.

All of them seem to have the same problem, though:

Approximately 30% Of Their Purchasers Fail To Get Their Passwords

Yes, the integration with the shopping cart is set up properly.

The Zapier zaps are active and properly scripted.

The CRON job is set up to make sure the automation occurs.

The feature that keeps sending reminders until the new member sets up their password is activated – and cranked up to the max.

But still… 3 out of 10 fail to confirm their password and do the “claim your instant access now” part of the transaction.

Or, the software creates their password for them and they don’t get the e-mail.

Server lag, PEBKAC error, whatever.

Doesn’t matter.

I imagine users of most other membership plugins and softwares experience the same issue.

All the same,

Here’s The 100% Foolproof Solution To The Problem (Whatever Membership System You’re Using)

This is so incredibly simple, anyone with basic computer skills can do it.

It takes maybe a minute to learn and a minute to do.

And it will solve the problem EVERY TIME.


You sure you want this?

Going once, going twice.

Here it is:

A Human Being Who Works For That Client Personally Reviews Every Single Order Within 24 Hours And Personally E-Mails The Purchaser

They check to make sure the transaction went through.

They read the order receipt to confirm the purchaser has received everything they’re supposed to have access to.

They check to make sure the username and password are set up, and all the correct levels are applied.

If not, they log into the membership admin panel and fix it. (IMPORTANT: they don’t send the purchaser a link and say ‘fix it’. They fix it for the purchaser and let the customer know!)

Then, they e-mail the purchaser and have the purchaser reply to confirm they got it.

If the reply doesn’t come, they follow up until it does. They pick up the phone and call, in case the purchaser didn’t get the e-mail.

100% success rate is the EASILY achievable benchmark.

That’s the solution, soup to nuts, start to finish, cover to cover.

And, the process is followed even if the purchaser DID get things right the first time – a quick email to confirm with a request for a reply so everyone knows all is well.

The purchaser happily finds out this company is staffed by real people who care.

They’re on their way to becoming a customer for life!

This Is Really Just Good, Effective Customer Service

As soon as someone invests in your products, services, programs, and/or solutions, someone on your team should reach out just to make sure they got what they paid for and to answer any initial questions.

No upsell pitch.

No lengthy scripts.

Just checking in to thank them again and make sure they’re up and running, like the script I showed you when Dave Fortunatti purchased the book writing course.

How many times have you bought something and then received personal outreach from the company you bought it from?

Can you remember most of them right off the top of your head?

I rest my case.

Now, this will REALLY make it easy to get connected with you.

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