In most circumstances, the more someone is exposed to the same message, the less of an impact that message has.

Think of a song you really like.

At first, you’ll stop everything when it comes on the radio.

Then you’ll buy the CD and download the MP3 and listen to it a bunch of times at home.

Pretty soon, you won’t even notice when that song plays on the radio – and if you do, it will be no big deal, since you’ve heard it… so many times before.

The same thing happens with news reports, commercial advertising, marketing messages, and more.

Except, When The Impact Increases Over Time

Introducing, the sleeper effect, defined as the delayed increase of the effect of a message that is initially accompanied by a discounting cue.

In simpler terms, here’s what happens:

  • You hear a message from a source that has low credibility to you – for example, a government spokesperson announcing major economic growth. You tend not to believe it because, duh, it’s a government spokesperson, and how often do they speak truth? Therefore, the message may not have much impact on you.
  • But then, you hear reports on CNBC, read articles on, and start to pick up chatter, all of it saying “the economy is growing like gangbusters”.
  • Next, all sorts of folks start hosting webinars, including phrases like “now that the economy is growing so fast” in the messaging.
  • Finally, someone like Robert Kiyosaki posts a video about how to gain wealth by leveraging the new economic boom.
  • Do you now believe there is economic growth?

The first time the message was delivered, it came with a discounting cue – because a government spokesperson said it, and you question the veracity of a government spokesperson, you discounted the message.

But then, as more and more sources independent of, and disconnected from, the government spokesperson – sources that hold more credibility for you – share the same message, it begins to have MORE impact.

The message that you discounted, that had so little impact, because of the messenger… now impacts you in a way that resonates with YOUR truth, for YOUR reasons.

Use The Sleeper Effect To Wake Up Your Customer Attraction And Sales

Here’s how it works:

  • The first time you proclaim how great your product, service, or book is, and how it helps people, might not have much impact.  Folks may tend not to believe it because, duh, you’re tooting your own horn, and what are you gonna do, say your own products suck?
  • Therefore, your message may not have much impact on them.
  • But then, people start sharing your posts and links, and read testimonials about you posted by people THEY trust – chatter about you starts to pick up.
  • Next, all sorts of folks start inviting you to speak from their stages and guest on their podcasts as THE subject matter expert in whatever it is you do.
  • Finally, the #1 thought leadership authority in your market or niche quotes you.
  • Is it now possible that more people will give you money for stuff?

In short: the value of your offering rises as folks who are NOT you, who are NOT directly connected to you, start sharing and repeating it.

It didn’t mean a whole lot when you were the only one saying it, but it picked up steam as others began speaking up.

Now it’s Gospel.

The Key To Waking People Up? Being Persistently Consistent

This means, no making decisions that aren’t yours to make in the first place.

No mollycoddling the 1% who hate you at the expense of the 99% who love you.

But DO have a high level of situational awareness about the real needs out there.

And finally, know that some messages were designed to be discounted as you make your way toward the success you deserve and desire.

Not yours, though.

So be bold, and don’t hesitate.

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