About nine years ago, I was receiving coaching from one of my own coaches, who was helping me decipher and gain from a particular situation.

Among other things, he gave me some brilliant, word-for-word scripting to use in my response to somebody.

Then he paused.

With a mischievous little giggle, he said

“Damn. I’m Good. I Just Made That Up On The Fly!”

Okay: the guy’s been in business 30+ years, has written multiple books, has a product library bulging with brilliance, hosts popular seminars all over the damn world, has helped tens of thousands of students get results, and a partridge in a pear tree.

And he just randomly made something up, called it coaching, and gloated over it?

Damn right.

What’s more, he didn’t just give me a usable script to help me respond to a situation in business (the script worked like a charm, btw).

He Gave All Of Us A Priceless Lesson In What Coaching, Consulting, And Mentoring Really Is

It’s simple, really.

The takeaway is that your best and most brilliant coaches, consultants, and mentors come alive and do their best work when working with real, live clients solving real, live problems.

Few things inspire human creativity more than an actual (not theoretical) puzzle to solve.

That’s where the rubber hits the road at your intersection of your brilliance and your passion.

These Real-Life Stories Are What Blogs, Books, And Wildly Successful Businesses Are Made Of.

Don’t just sit here, do all sorts of research, and come up with abstract concepts.

Go out and DO the stuff.

Great mentors of mine DID stuff and told me about it, allowing me to highlight the key lessons to help you.

This is minimalism in action.

Rather than strategize, struggle, and scrape to develop the most awesome thing in the world before you dare ask someone to look at it, just go out and DO IT!

Get hands-on with people who are paying you.

Make it happen.

It will make for a great story.

Now, let’s shortcut into automation (well, sort of).

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