Two key points about influence and persuasion:

Now this will blow your mind.

What You Want Someone To Do, Means Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

Humans, by nature, are oftentimes altruistic for selfish reasons.

Greed, for lack of a better word, is good!

Rational people fall for lying, cheating, loser jerks while friend-zoning their “perfect person”.

We also know that customers and clients buy based on emotional response, then afterward and retroactively justify their decision with logic.

So far so good?

Another key, underlying point is that

Nobody Likes Being Bossed Around Or Told What To Do…

Assuming common cause may backfire, but that doesn’t mean they won’t like you anyway.

That’s why demanding agreement goes nowhere, but STATING agreement usually goes unopposed.

Your audience doesn’t want to hear what they’re doing wrong, because THEIR truth holds otherwise.

Your audience, not you, decides what problems need solved. Marsha doesn’t get to tell Greg and Giuliana they shouldn’t go out on a date together. Sorry, Marsha.

It’s not for you to tell anybody what’s going on in their head.

Be careful not to negate the deal before it’s made.

So Put Them In Charge For A Welcome Change!

Read this phrase:

If you’re anything like me, wouldn’t you agree that it’s time for someone to finally show you why you’ve failed to lose those extra 20 pounds? Obviously you’re eating the wrong foods, and since you don’t want to hear about it over and over, we will offer this discount for today only. That’s the best way to get you motivated, no?

How’s that for doing, like, EVERY SINGLE FREAKING THING WRONG in just 54 words?

Read it to yourself and notice how you feel.

Have someone else read it to you and notice how you feel… about them.

Compare it to this:

I agree, maintaining your optimum weight and overall health can be challenging with how busy schedules can be and the limited options available. If you, like me, can see the possibilities for real changes in your weight, energy levels, and overall fitness, could you find yourself taking the first step toward making those changes?  Now, take a moment for yourself and see how it works. Watch our videos on YouTube and you may find yourself seeing a different approach.

See how it all comes together for you.

You should call someone and tell them about it.

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